Cuphead APK on PC, Download on Windows (10, 11,12)

Are you looking for a way to play Cuphead’s modified version on a personal computer? If yes, then there is no need to worry. We have created an in-depth guideline to tell you everything you need to know to play Cuphead APK on PC.  Cuphead is a very popular action game developed by Studio MDHR. The Cuphead APK is a modified and customizable game version that provides access to all the original game’s locked features. Cuphead APK for PC is cost-effective because it is completely free. On the other hand, the original version of Cuphead is not free; you have to buy the game to play it. 

Cuphead APK on PC

It is the perfect game if you also want to return to the nostalgic golden era of 1930s animations. In this article, we will explore  the world of Cuphead, you will learn a lot about the game and its APK’s PC requirements. 

Table Of Information

Game Name Cuphead APK
Latest Version7.2
Last Updated 2 Days Ago
Published ByStudio MDHR
Announced in2013
Size 40 To 150MB

Cuphead’s Amazing Storyline

Cuphead APK for PC is a very challenging and fun game. It is a classic vintage game with shoot them up, beat them up, and run-and-gun genres. Cuphead and its partner Mugman play in the casino in the game, and when they lose, they become indebted to the Devil.

In the rest of the game, Cuphead and its partner fight different bosses to collect the money they have to give back to the Devil. The game is split into various difficult realms, and each world features unique boss fights and platform segments. 

Mechanics of Cuphead APK on PC

Cuphead APK for PC provides players with engaging gameplay. On the PC, you can control both the characters, Cuphead and Mugman, in co-op mode. The game offers a challenging difficulty level. Your game reflexes should be quick while playing the game.

Moreover, it also demands a strategic mindset to play the game and fight with each boss. 

This way, the game provides a learning curve to players and offers them a chance to polish their game-playing skills.

MDHR studios creatively design each boss and enemy, so it can become challenging for you to beat each of them. You can also become addicted to the game when you master the technique of fighting each boss to level up your game. 

Cuphead PC APK

Features of Cuphead PC APK

Here, we have listed some features of Cuphead PC APK that you cannot attain while playing it on your smartphone.

  • Cuphead APK on PC provides seamless gameplay and impressive visual styles.
  • Unlike smartphones, you can play and enjoy the boss battles on a big screen.
  • The APK format is usually designed for Android, but you can initiate a Cuphead PC APK download in this case. It allows players to play Cuphead on the PC platform, thus enhancing its accessibility. 
  • The Cuphead APK, free download PC, is a simple and trouble-free process. 
  • You can enjoy the best graphics quality and audio while playing Cuphead on your computer.
Features of Cuphead apk for PC

How can I play Cuphead APK on PC?

Playing Cuphead APK PC is a very straightforward process. You just have to download the APK file and use an Android emulator to play the game. 

What is an Android emulator?

An Android emulator is a very valuable resource as a software application. It allows a PC to function like an Android device. With the help of an optimal Android emulator, you can run Android applications on your computer or laptop. 

Android emulators are mostly compatible with Windows and Mac OS, so it does not matter whether you have a Microsoft or Mac PC; you can play Cuphead effortlessly. Once you have downloaded any Android emulator of your choice, you can open the Cuphead APK file and install it on the device to delve into gaming. 

Key features of Android emulators to play Cuphead APK on PC:

  1. Emulators are helpful for developers to test their game or application across a wide range of devices.
  2. You can run Android APK apps or files on your PC with the help of an Android emulator.
  3. You can do screen recording while playing Cuphead to capture how well you fought with the enemies in it with the assistance of an Android emulator. 
  4. It benefits game developers because they can easily debug while creating the application or file. 

Which Android emulator is best for Cuphead APK?

There are two optimal Android emulators that you can use to play Cuphead APK on your PC.


It is the most popular user-friendly emulator for accessing Android applications and files on a PC. You can access the APK file of Cuphead on your computer with it. Moreover, it will not affect your overall gaming experience.


It is another well-known Android emulator which offers a smooth gaming experience. Therefore, playing Cuphead APK on your PC will be fine for you.

Just like you carefully download the APK from a reputable source, it is crucial to download the emulator from a reliable source. Otherwise, it can halt your gaming experience. 

How To Cuphead APK Download for PC.

Bluestacks is a really good tool that lets you use Android apps on your computer, whether it’s a Windows PC or a Mac. In this guide, we’ll use Bluestacks to get Cuphead (a game) on your Windows 10/8/7 PC.

  • First, you need to download an emulator to get the game.
  • We recommend using the Bluestacks emulator for this method.
  • Download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.
  • The installation process is straightforward.
  • After installation, open the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.
  • It might take a moment to load initially, but once open, you should see the Bluestacks Home screen.
  • Click on the button and download the file in short steps..
  • Once you find Cuphead APK, click on the Install button.
  • Bluestacks will automatically handle the installation process.
  • After installation, you can find Cuphead in the list of installed apps within Bluestacks.

By following these steps, you should have successfully downloaded and installed Cuphead APK on your computer using the Bluestacks emulator.

PC system requirements for Cuphead APK

The PC system requirements of Cuphead Mobile for PC are modest and basic. Your PC system needs to have the following specifications. 

  • Windows 7, 8, or 9 operating system.
  • The processor should be Intel Core2 Duo E8400, 3.1 GHz, or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.0 GHz or higher. 
  • 4 GB of RAM.
  • A good graphics card like GeForce 9600 GT or higher.
  • 20 GB of available storage space to run the game smoothly without any lag.


Download the Cuphead APK on PC to delve into the adventures of Cuphead and Mugman on your personal computer. The APK Cuphead will allow you to access the game with all features unlocked. Furthermore, you will have limitless resources like weapons to fight the enemies.

Remember that you have to download the APK version from our website. Otherwise, it can cause harm to your data with malicious breaches. 

FAQs Cuphead APK on PC

Here are the steps to consider for downloading the Cuphead APK file on your PC.

  • Download the APK file for Cuphead from this page.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Download and install an optimal Android emulator on your device.
  • Install the APK Cuphead through the settings of your device.
  • Enjoy fighting with all the bosses on the big screen. 

No, it is not hard to play. However, you have to play mindfully while engaging in the boss battles.

No, downloading an APK version of Cuphead is not legal. You are not doing anything wrong by playing the APK version. Moreover, the APK file is just a modded version of the original game. You can access locked features in the game with the modded or APK file.

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